Lease the talent you need.

A work-for-hire contract doesn’t define or communicate the accountability and dedication you expect from your valuable technical resources, nor your commitment to them as crucial contributors to your supply chain.  Finding the right technical talent at any price is stressful enough, expending the time and resources to establish your own center of excellence where talent is inexpensive and plentiful can be extraordinarily expensive when all costs are accounted for.  We help you recruit and hire the talent you need, then serve as the employer of record for all compliance purposes while you manage your employees as dedicated members of your team, all for a small up-charge over actual costs, with no long-term commitment.  


A transparent technical talent PEO for bespoke engineering teams that constantly align with your business strategy

Enhanced Engineering Power

We help you build teams tailored to your ever-changing needs. Dedicated to your business mission & vision with respect to your IP & cybersecurity policies

Increased Business Focus

Let’s scale your teams with ease and bring more focus on growth. Minimize distractions while innovating your product & aligning demand generation & capture

Strategic Market Expansion

Expand in the EU almost effortlessly. Your extra pod is truly yours! We support you transfer your resources if that becomes important to you, and leave you with the necessary knowledge to keep on growing

Flawless execution that meets your ever-changing needs

Our Process?

Security, speed, and quality are top priorities.

Your extra pod integrates seamlessly with your core team. We quickly ramp up world-class, agile professionals of your choice from our strong EU talent pool


We ensure Cultural, Communicational and Technological fit, so you can have the best and interview them in person


Your pod members use your collaboration tools, follow all of your internal processes & report directly to the PM of your choice


Get limitless, ongoing support, with the highest communication standards, no extra cost & transparency throughout the whole process

Kudos from Our Clients

Xtrapod has always been there for our successful portfolio companies when their customer base outgrows their technology. When we need to meet a product deadline or ramp up a team to remediate technical debt, we know who to call.
Ravi K.

Healthcare Informatics Entrepreneur

We understand that agile methodologies produce the best results, but our product roadmap is dictated, and throwing an extra pod into the mix helped us make it to viability. Xtapod always comes through quickly.
Kyle O.

Growth-Stage SaaS Product Owner

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